Highlights of the new Manitoba Initiative for IMG’s

The key points of the new program include:

Specialized language development and training, in collaboration with the Red River College, allowing IMGs to study English in a medical environment.

Admission to a three-week prep. course at the University of Manitoba for medical students who are about to write national licensing exams with the Royal College or CFPC.

For those wishing to practise as family physicians, access to a skills enhancement program, allowing the applicant to take up to three rotations in a one-year period.

Ready availability to a conditional registration of a medical licence, giving the applicants up to five years to complete full national licensing exams whilst practising medicine.

Income and expense support to help physicians support themselves and their families while pursuing a medical licence.

Commencing a provincial skills assessment, physicians are allowed a one year period to attend up to three hospital resident rotations. If, after another assessment, they still have not demonstrated adequate skills, they will be allowed to repeat one rotation.

Those who meet the essential requirements of skills assessment will be allowed to practise medicine under a conditional licence issued by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba. Within five years, the doctor will be expected to complete the second part of the national licensing examination, which is standard policy for anyone wishing to practise medicine in the country of Canada.

In the future, the province will attempt to move those doctors who cannot meet the requirements for a conditional licence into other allied health and support professions, such as radiation therapy, nursing or laboratory technician.

Sources say it could cost more than $82,000 for each IMG who successfully completes the program. The costs include $47,000 for evaluating and licensing examinations, skills assessment and language training, and another $35,000 for income support.

Barbara Hague, who is the director of workforce policy for Manitoba Health, wouldn’t discuss specifics of the new system but noted any IMG licensing system must include measures to ensure applicants meet all professional standards to practice in Canada.

Physicians will still be expected to complete a national clinical skills evaluating examination, as well as a two-part licensing examination. All of which are currently required for anyone wishing to practise medicine in Canada, regardless of what country the IMG was trained in.

This represents a great opportunity for Physician Jobs Canada to welcome IMG’s into this country providing them with leading edge knowledge of licensure policy as it relates to each province. Our ultimate goal is to work the IMG contacts into permanent positions in Canada.

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