Warren Bonnell from Physician Jobs Canada was able to help me find a locum internal medicine position in Newfoundland this fall. Warren is thorough and despite the necessity of having to write numerous emails and make  many phone calls on my behalf——- he was able to do this with a positive and  cheerful attitude. I highly recommend his services. I am sure you will not be disappointed.
William John Hay MD FRCPC

I found a wonderful locum placement in Clarenville Newfoundland until I started a full time job in western Canada. Thank you Warren Bonnell and his staff for the wonderful smooth transition from being a PGY5 to finding a strong locum leading to a full time job in Western Canada. We worked very well together and I really appreciate it. I would use his services again at any time.

Very impressed with the service at NL Medical and Warren Bonnel. I was in a very difficult job and visa situation…I had a million other questions (visa, insurance, who to call..) always available, and give me the info in a timely manner (within hours!). I never experienced similar exceptional service before with any of the job recruiter agencies in the US. I would rate as AAA+++.

– From the moment I contacted PhysicianjobsCanada.com I received expert, knowledgeable advice and ongoing professional, proactive support that resulted in a smooth transition to my new physician practice. The guidance I received from NL Medical got results in a much shorter time, and with fewer of the worry and hassles experienced by many of my colleagues who didn’t have the NL Medical advantage. I am very happy with my choice of NL Medical and highly recommend their services to any physician seeking the opportunity to work in Canada.

I am patient person and i know all my life that i have to knock all the doors until one opens. Mr. Warren worked  with me in Newfoundland by your help.  And i am a person who believes in what for you will come to you and what is not, will never come to you. I am happy because i found a person like you. Enjoy your night and all the nights after.


Physician Jobs Canada is the best place to find placements for physicians in Canada. Working along side an efficient and knowledgeable team, they all work together to get it done. In particular Warren Bonnell was pivotal in not only landing me a locum opportunity in surgery, but as well, was able to find another health authority seeking a full time opportunity for a general surgeon – and I got the job. Without his contacts and expertise, this would not have happened. He worked to find the best fit for me. Thank you Warren Bonnell and the team at PhysicianJobsCanada.com

Warren Bonnell offers an efficient and professional placement service. He, along with his team of recruiters was able to find not one but two pediatric locums for me. And we are working on more. Without his efficiency and attention to detail, this would not have been possible. As well, he offers great follow up, keeping me informed of the process all along the way. My Pediatric hat is off to Warren. I’d recommend him to anyone starting out in practice or for a seasoned physician seeking a locum or full time opportunity! You’ll be glad you did.

Warren Bonnell offers an efficient and professional placement service. He offers great follow up. I’d recommend him to anyone in Pediatrics starting out in practice! He is a useful guide through the maze and mix of licensure process in Canada for physicians.