Is the New alliance with Physician Jobs Canada, a physician recruitment agency, working effectively in Saskatchewan?

Physicians are asking if the new physician recruitment agency is doing when doctor vacancies in the province are actually rising.
The health critic Judy Junor points out there were 84 doctor jobs available in 2007. At present, that sits at 119.

“The Saskatchewan’s government’s high profiled agency has been in place for months and all they have done is spent $200,000 of taxpayers’ dollars on furniture and office supplies.” said Junor.

The group was initially established to work with communities and health regions to retain and attract GPs, particularly in rural areas.

The health minister insures the public that is being done.

“It’s been in contact with the health regions working with them on their individual recruitment efforts, working with communities that have had success disseminating that for communities that are struggling and greeting the new international medical physicians, so the transition is an easy one for them,” said McMorris. The province has come a long way in it’s attitude towards IMG’s and with the new licensure pending, they will lead the way for International physicians wanting to come to Canada. He adds there’s already been a 13 per cent increase in the number of physicians working in the province and he expects the recruitment agency to keep working successfully in that area. Also, plans are to work with Physician Jobs Canada to enhance the recruitment efforts. “As Canada’s leading private agency we are excited about this news”, says Dr. Peter Powell. The pending partnership is an exciting step in the right direction.