Facing up to Canada’s physician shortage and what it means to the United States.

When comparison with nations with comparable wellness treatment goals, namely universal coverage, it becomes immediately apparent that Canada’s health and wellness treatment plan is not worth copying or mirroring.While we’re a best spender, the Canadian system has the longest waiting lists, reduced quantities of health care technologies, and possibly the problems that hit closest to home, a shortage of providing physicians.

If you think it’s bad now in Canada, just wait. Over the following decade, the doctor shortage will turn out to be much more severe.

Even if government-imposed restrictions are lifted the quantity of medical doctors they are able to produce in Canada is immediately removed, it won’t have an result for just about any great offer using the following decade. It requires time to educate a you graduate doctor. The only short-term option will be to recruit much more foreign trained doctors. And that’s where Physician Jobs Canada steps up to the plate. We offer a one-stop shop for physicians in Canada and the U.S., as well as IMG’s around the world who wish to come to Canada.

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