Top 10 most needed physicians in Canada.

Are there enough physicians in Canada? What are the trends in the future for specialties in need for this country? According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, and the Ontario Medical Association below are a list of physicians in Canada, as well as salaries of the Top 10.

10. Neurology comes in at number 10. Physicians focus on Adult or Pediatric Neurology and who work in an academic, rather than a clinical, setting. The demand in Canada for those who specialize in neurology is growing and most will find work anywhere in the Country with an average salary of $311,000

9. Internal Medicine comes in at number nine. Internal medicine is in demand because of its broad use and nature of specialty. Residency positions in this discipline have been competitive in recent years, with an expected high demand for years to come. The average salary is $404,000

8. Emergency Medicine comes in at number eight. Although there has been steady growth in the number of physicians who choose emergency medicine, there is still a great need for these medical professionals. The average salary is $281,000

7. Dermatology is number seven. It’s an attractive specialization in terms of work-life balance, and although residency positions have become more difficult to obtain in recent years, employment prospects seem remain strong. Salary come in at $385,000

6. Anesthesiology is number six. Anesthesiologists are another in-demand branch of medicine in Canadian medical centres. Anesthesiologists are expected to retire in the coming three-five years so job prospects remain strong. Average salaries are about $431,000

5. Occupational Medicine. Because of the prominence of mental health and physical well-being in Canada, this specialty is expected to remain strong for years to come. The average salary is $350,000

4. Cardiothoracic Surgery. Information shows that almost 65% of this specialty in Canada will retire within five years and as a result it comes in at number 4 in demand of recruitment needs. The average salary is $599,000

3. Anatomical Pathology. Data shows this specialty is retiring in large numbers and as a result show strong job potential. The average salary is cosiderably lower than Thoracic surgery and shows up at $304,000

2. Pediatricians. This group of specialties are in high demand because of the nature of the job, that is dealing mostly with children. The average salary is approximately $299,000

1. Family Physicians. Because of the vast number of family’s in Canada without a regular family doctor this need is always in very high demand. The average salary is $290,000.

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