Serious Shortage of Family Physicians across Canada – Essential for a Paradigm shift in approach to their Recruitment Policies

There is an ever increasing need for family physicians from coast to coast, from British Columbia to Newfoundland. The media has picked up on it as well with two headline stories from B.C  with  alarming titles of ” Waves of doctors retiring ” and another from Nova Scotia with ” Province Neglecting the shortage of family Physicians in HRM ” There needs to be an essential and immediate paradigm shift. Provinces like Nova Scotia and especially the government of British Columbia need to tap into the resources of Canada’s largest private recruitment agency, NL Medical or more commonly known as or This firm is constantly making contact with both International and Canadian trained physicians seeking locums and full time opportunities. Why don’t more companies engage the services of a  physician recruitment firms? Well, the only reason is the need to compensate firms, and because of that, the provincial health authorities are avoiding them. NL Medical’s CEO and chief recruitment officer , Warren Bonnell say, ” There needs to be a  change, a paradigm shift if we are to see more family physicians hired in our towns and cities across this great land. ” Essentially, the provincial health authorities from coast to coast need to seek out other services for recruiting family physicians, such as private recruitment firms. Obviously, the process and  the system has been ineffective.