New Brunswick avoids unneccessary hurdles in Licensure Policy, Leading the way in Canada.

The  policy in New Brunswick leads the way in Canada as it relates to Licensing for both Canadian and especially International Medical Graduates.  They do this by avoiding unneccessary hurdles that really make it difficult if not impossible for physicians to work in Canada. A prime example is their credential verification process. They do not require that physicians have credentials verified by PhysiciansApply. This is especially important when it comes to international medical graduates. Most, if not all provinces in Canada require credential verification but it may be unneccesary if a physician is U.S. board certified,  or on the speciaists registry in Australia, New Zealand, Soouth Africa, Ireland and the U.K. Because physicians such as these already have gone through  very secure regulatory bodies and probably gone through the ECFMG process, it duplicates the need  to have physicans reverify their medical documents.     And  to shed more light on this issue,  it becomes problematic for physicians  trying to get documents like medical degrees, transcripts, ect.  source verified from India Pakistan,   and various middle eastern countries.   The medical institutions are not forthcoming, often times for geo-political reasons.   Hence, a  roadblock is set up with a  physician who is required to goo through physiciansapply; docuemts cannot be authenticated and the physician is unable to work  in the province that requires them to folow this process.     So, we can see that by  New Brunswick  avoiding this  policy of going through physiciansapply they  expedite the process and make it easier – without compromising  safety I might add –  for physicians to work  in various towns and cites in New Brunswick.  A  prime example was most recently a physician from New Zealand choose to work  in New Brunswick verses  Newfoundland to avoid the expennse, time and process of physicians apply.

The licensing  health boards in Canada from coast to coast  would be better off if they  avoided unneeded duplication of  credentials,  better serving the interest of the general public – those who require the services of a medical doctor.  We at strive daily to serve the  global physician community  . Our committment  is to do that into 2016.  It’s been an exciting and challenging year –  and we look forward to the year ahead with great optimisim.