The importance of a Physician Recruitment firm like

The need for Physician recruitment, and the importance of it is ever increasing in Canada. And the leading firm in Canada, is playing a pivitol role. Unfortunately, not all health authorities are cooperating. Some large health authorities in Atlantic Canada, Ontario and Western Canada have turned their noses up on the services we provide and the continuous supply of physicians who use this private firm to lead the way in their job search in Canada. We find a large number of internationally trained physicians use our services with a growing contigent of Canadian trained medical doctors are coming our way.
A prime example oof not being proactive is tbe most recent resignation of a long time family physician in Weymouth Nova Scotia,Dr. Westby. Now the community are left without anyone stepping in to provide famiiies with needed medical care and coverage. The health authority new almost a year ago about the pendinig resignation, but did nothing to engage the services of this firm. Unfortunately, patient care is diminished and quality of life of affected negatively. If health authorites were more pro-active in using the services of a private firm, the likelyhood of a vacancy would not happen – patient care would be maintained. The point of this article is to highlight the imporantance this medical recruitment firm plays in filling vacancies and those health authorities who use the services have a verey high success rate. At the end of the day, we strongly encourage health authorites to use our services. For more information about this company, please contact lead recruiter, Warren Bonnell at or call directly at 709.728.0049