Physicians in Nova Scotia and Ontario at an impasse with salary agreement with their respective Govenments

Both physicians in Ontario and Physician residents in Nova Scotia are butting heads with their provincial governments. Nova Scotia Residents have been without a contract since June 30, 2014 and Ontario’s 28,000 physicians are just trying to protect their pay and avoid more pay cuts. The average salary for first year resident Physicians is just under 65,000 while Ontario physicians have the highest average salary of any Canadian province, topping in at just under $375,000. Both Ontario and Nova Scotia governments are hoping in spite of the enormous challenges they face that an agreement will be reached. Health Care costs are ever increasing and on top of it all, the need for more physicians is greater than ever. Hopefully, With the influx of International physicians, the burden will be eased. For more information on Salary of Physicians across Canada or to inquire about job opportunities in Ontario and Nova Scotia, go to or contact them via email at