Credential Verification – An Essential Pathway for IMG’s working in Canada

If you are an International Medical Graduate and are seeking full time or locum opportunities in Canada, credential verification is an essential, no matter what province you are attempting to gain Licensure. Previous to 2013, the verification was done the Physicians Credentials Registry of Canada, however today it is done through a subdivision of the Medical Council of Canada, namely

Depending on what province you are pursuing, you will need to have your medical school diploma as well as your medical school transcript source verified. You may also be required to submit your specialty certificate, medical license and registration certificates for other jurisdictions, and all postgraduate training certificates.

I have physicians coming to me on a daily basis globally and I always tell them to initiate this immediately, as it can be timely and with effort, not to mention associated costs. For more information on credential verification in Canada and what is the process for gaining licensure, please contact Warren Bonnel at or more immediately at 709.728.0049. For a complete listing of all doctor jobs available in Canada, please click here.