International Medical Doctors who train in the U.S. come to Canada.

Most of the U.S. trained International medical grads who come to Canada are located in ten states, and the top ten have remained unchanged for a long time. States where they come from are from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, and California. These states contained 70.5 percent of the nation’s IMGs in 2005. The distribution of IMGs in 2005 was located in large cities, most of which were located in the eastern United States, namely Florida and New York.

The greatest increases in IMG numbers by location since 1991 were in the areas of the country with the largest cities. Small increases and some decreases in the number of IMGs have occurred in more rural and less populated areas. In other words they are found in big U.S. cities.
Because of felt discrimination in the past ten years they are, in ever increasing numbers, coming to Canada.

As Canada is seen as a more friendly and accepting (and less discriminating country) they are able to practice there religions without fear or negativity.
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