International Medical Graduates University Q&A session.

Q. What courses are offered?

A. Four courses are offered:

(a) The winter OSCE Course which runs from Jan to May each year with meetings occuring once or twice every weekend. Each lecture runs six hours. Keep in mind mock exams are part of the registration fee. There is an optional 3rd mock exam bu that is an additional charge.

(b)  The summer OSCE Course which runs into June of each year and usually clues up in September. The length of each lecture is six hours. Two mock exams are part of the registration fee.  And an optional 3rd mock exam will be an additional charge.

(c) The winter written exam preparation course prepares IMGs for their written exams. And it runs from January to April included approxiamately 40 sessions of which each lasts three hours; usually conducted from 6-9 pm on weekdays. An optional mock exam with about 250 MCQs is planned at the end of the course – an additional course fee applies here.
(d) The summer written Exam Preparation Course prepares IMGs for their written exams, running from July to October and includes about 40 sessions each lasting three hrs and is conducted from 6-9 pm on weekdays. An optional mock exam, of which there is a fee, with about 250 MCQs is scheduled at the completion of the course.

Q. Are there Intensive Courses for OSCE or Written Exams?

A. No, this course is no longer part of the program.

Q. Does the OSCE courses given by Ontario based IMG School prepare me for the CSA exam?

A. Yes. Teachings are directly related to the CSA exam.

Q. How frequent are the (standardized Patients) SPs presented?

A. There’s one or two SPs during each session. All scenarios will be taught through and administered with SPs. This allows everyone chance to interact with the SPs.

. Does the OSCE courses given by Ontario IMG School prepare me for the CSA?

A. Yes. The teachings apply very well to the CSA.

Q. How frequent the standardized Patients (SPs)  presented?

A. There will be one or two SPs during each session. That means all scenarios will be administered through encounters with SPs. This provides everyone opportunity interact with the SPs throughout the course.

Q. When are the sessions held? And how long are the sessions?

A. The OSCE sessions, usually six hours long, are held on weekends. The written exam prep course is usually held on weekdays from 6-9pm.

Q. What Exams does the  written exam preparation course prepare one for?

A. The course prepares IMGs for their MCCEE, MCCQE1, and USMLE step 2.

Mock Exams:
Q. How many stations are there in each OSCE mock exam and how long is each?

A. Ten 10-minute stations in each mock exam.

Q. How can people not currently registered in a course be a part of the mock exam?

A. Have a look at the “Mock Exam” page. And there you’ll find  instructions for “External Students”.

Q. How soon can External Students sign up?

A. Spots for the mock exam are assigned on a first come basis. Our Registered students are given top priority in terms of sign up procedure, unless the Mock Exam is specified as an “Optional” Mock Exam, meaning that all students can sign up at the same time. Once payment is received, your registration is confirmed and a spot is reserved. Payment must be received no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled date. Without payment, no spot can be reserved or guaranteed. Cancelling your Mock Exam appointment means you must advise us of your decision via email or by telephone at least one week prior to the exam, so we can offer your spot to another External student.

Q. I missed the deadline to sign up as an External Student for the mock exam? What do I do?

A. Try as a “Stand-by Candidate”. Keep in mind, a spot cannot be guaranteed for you.

Q. Do you have a mock exam for the written course?

A. Yes, we run multiple choice question on the mock exam  and for the written course as well. To register please see the written course schedule and also call us for the application.

Q. Can I pay fees in mulitple installments?

A. The fee for the extended course can be paid in three installments and for the intensive course in two installments. All post-dated cheques should be included with the application as well as two photos.

Q. What happens if my cheque is rejected?

A. There is a $20 charge for this. Please ensure the account has funds.

Q: Is tuition fee tax deductible?

A: No, we aren’t  affiliated with the government; therefore, the tuition fee is NOT tax deductible.

Q. Can my friend and I pay one registration fee and have each of us partially attend the course – but not at the same time?

A. No, you cannot share the registration fee. Fees are not transferable.

Q. If I introduce someone to your course, is there a discount for my fee?

A. Unfortunately not.

Q. If I was your former “full course” student and decide to register for any of your courses again, will I get a discount on the fee?

A. Yes, a 10% discount on tuition for former full time students is applied.

Q. What if I need copies of notes for another lecture I missed?

A. There is a $20 administration fee for providing make up notes from previous lectures.

Q. What if students request an extra-session which is not in the schedule?

A. For an added session in OSCE, students must pay $100. And for any added session in the written course students must pay $50 at the door.

Late Registrations:

Q. If I miss the registration fee, can I still register?

A. Yes, but keep in mind a late registration fee applies to those registering after the deadline. Please see the registration forms for more information.

Q. Can I withdraw from the course at any time?

A. Yes, you may but must do so in writing including a withdrawal letter and explaining your reason for withdrawal. The balance will be refunded after deducting an administration fee PLUS the charges for the session(s) and mock exam(s) up to the date of official withdrawal. Please note that the charge will include all sessions and mock exams held by school between the registration date and the withdrawal date. It does not matter fi you’ve attended or not If there is a mention of “nonrefundable” in the registration form, there will not be any refund if one decides to discontinue the course.

Q. How is the adjustment for the sessions and mock exams done in the case of discontinuation?

A. If you withdraw from the course, you will be charged for the lectures just as if you were attending on a single session basis as well as  the mock exam as if you were an external student.

Q. What’s the procedure to withdraw?

A. Withdrawals have to be in writing, stating the reason for withdrawal. The formal request for withdrawal has to be submitted in person or by mail ALONG with the student ID card. The official withdrawal date is considered to be the date that your request is received along with the student ID and confirmed by the school.