Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in Need of Family Physicians and Specialists – Successful Recruitment efforts are Essential for Public Health of this Region..

Cape Breton Nova Scotia is in dire straits when it comes to recruitment efforts for Family Physicians and Specialists. In three recent articles published by CBC, the articles state firstly  that there was over 1000 in attendance demanding a public inquiry as to why the Health Authority of Nova Scotia have not been proactive. In another article dated two days later stated that the Nova Scotia  Health Authority are seeking to start Exit interviews as to why physicians are leaving this region. And two days after that, the Health Authority are grilled as to why they did not do a better job looking at the demographics in Cape Breton and the massive number of physicians who are retiring. These three articles point to one theme. Ultimately, physician recruitment for General Practitioners and Specialists have been a dismal failure. Without improving the efficiency of recruitment efforts by engaging Canada’s largest Physician Recruitment firm  the success rate will continue to diminish and remain ineffective. Warren Bonnell, CEO of NL Medical and and is welcoming the opportunity to work with the second largest health region in Nova Scotia,  For more information contact Warren at or contact him directly at 709.728.0049