The importance of a well laid out CV for Health Authorities across Canada.

The quality of  a physicians CV and the way it’s laid out is very important in the recruitment process of physicians regardless of training. A Curriculum Vitae ( CV) is your first impression a health authority sees in the hiring process and as such, must shine and make you stand out with other possible candidates. Two important components are clinical experience and educational experience. Most health authorities like to see the credentials of physicians first as a quick overview to proceed with a particular candidate. From there, they can gauge the relevance of the candidate from a training perspective and if it’s worth exploring in more detail. For example , a Canadian hospital that sees a Royal College or CCFP candidate will get more attention than an IMG. The same for a U.S. board recruited physician. The only difference is immigration policy and Canadians with a PR card or is a citizen have preferential advantage verses a Royal College candidate who is on a work permit.

The next and equally important part is the work experience, or clinical experience. It’s best to place most recent experience at the top and your clinical work experience in descending order. It’s important to include month and year from finish to start date. So the first few entries could look like this July 2014 – present. The next would be June 2010 to July 2014. In this way it shows continuity and more importantly if any gaps exist – which would obviously present a red flag if not explained properly.

The final part would be research accomplished, including the tittle of the article in question and the publication dates. And if you choose one can add  personal interests.

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