Aging Population -Demand ever increasing for Geriatricains in Saskatchewan.

Only one geriatrician exists in all of Saskatchewan that has a total population of 1.13 million residents. This is in comparison to another Prairie province like Alberta with a population of 4.148 million having 20 geriatricians and an Atlantic province like New Brunswick with a population of 754,164 residents that has a full compliment of eight geriatric physicians. According to a leading health policy expert, Steven Lewis there should be approximately 12 geriatricians.  Often times, patients with any form of dementia have other medical issues that need to be dealt with that can only be properly cared for by a geriatric physician. And the Alzheimer society of Saskatchewan stand behind Mr. Lewis in his analysis. The provincial government has recently granted $750,000 to the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region to recruit a geriatrician and develop programs for elderly as well as uncover areas of the province that need geriatricians more than others. Working alongside Canada’s largest physician recruitment firm, NL Medical Inc., they hope to have another three geriatricians hired before mid 2017. CEO Warren Bonnell is very excited about this developing relationship.  With an ever aging population not only in Saskatchewan but also national wide, there will be an ever increasing demand for geriatricians and with NL Medical’s assistance, they hope to assist the health care system from coast to coast to find suitable candidates.