Medical Council of Canada developing National Policy related to Practice Ready Assessments and International Medical Graduates (IMG’s)

The Medical Council of Canada is going to make it easier for IMG’s to prepare theselves to work in Canada. At present, the policy and procedure for this varies from province to province and are incompatable with each other with respect to licensure policy. Via the National Collaboration assessment  are set to streamline the process. IMG’s, through a series of written and oral examinations are evaluated to determine their ability to enter into the Practice Ready Assessment (PRA). After they are assessed and have passed the Medical Council of Canada exams (MCCEE)  These are exciting changes and will hopefully lead to a a pan- national body for licensing of Canadian physicians as well. The future looks bright with respect to this and will allow more physicians to enter into the Canadian system all whilst mantaining the high licensure standards that exists presently for individual provinces. For more information on this topic contact Warren Bonnell, Lead rerctuiter for who works with 75% of  International physicians seeking to enter practice in Canada. He can be contacted at or called direcrtly at 709.728.0049