Lack of Physicians at Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Emergency department underscores the importance of using private physician recruiters in Canada, like

The latest situation that has developed in Yarmouth, a small town on the Southern most tip of Nova Scotia underscores the immportance of using a private physician recruiting company like to recruit physicians. The latest situation at the Roseway Hospital Emergency department having to close the emerg department almost 350 hours so far this year alone show the effrots at recruitment at the hospital level and even govenment sponsored level is not working. We at often have family practitioners, emergency physicians and various specialists seeking employment. Some of these physicians are Canadian, some are trained in the U.S. and some are inteternational physicians seeking opportunities in every province in Canada. We welcome the opportunity to work with South West Health Authority at any time. For more information , please contact Warren Bonnell @ or call  directly at    709.728.0049