Severe Family Physician Shortage in Kings County PEI.

There appears to be a severe Family Physician shortage in Prince Edward Island. An organization called Islandwide Hospital Access has just released a report it has been working on for several years and it points to a dramatic need for family physicians in the Kings County Region.  A recent meeting in this omst easternly region of drew over 500 people to address concerns. The government has been desperately trying to recruit physicians for this region specifically because therer are over 4000 residents who have no access to a family doctor. As a result, these residents have had to travel long distances to seek medical care. The government efforts have failed miserably.  It has caused long lineups at the emergency room at the  Montague Hospital in Kings County as well as the Queen Elizabeth hosdpital  located in Charlottown. Recruitment efforts have failed and it’s imperative that NL Medical ( ) is able to work with the government to assist with recruitment services. To date, the government team involed in recruitment have denied the private recruitment company the ability to engage with and work alongside local recuitment efforts. If there is continued denial to work with this company, they will send a formal request to the health minister of Prince Edward Island, the honourable Robert L Henderson