Alberta, Canada are leading the way for how physician compensation is allotted for.

Alberta Physicians are leading the way in Canada with how physician’s are paid. Presently, Alberta physicians are amongst the highest paid physicians in Canada, earning on average $354,500 in 2014. At present, fee for service is the most popular pay option in Canada, and Alberta for that matter, but the model is about to be reviewed. The health minister is interested in physicians working closer with allied health professionals and being rewarded for spending more time with patients and paying closer attention to seek out effective treatment, ultimately saving the government possibly millions in what is already sky rocketing health care costs. It’s time other provinces in Canada sought out this model as well, possibly saving billions nationwide. NL Medical Inc. ( seeks to work with health authorities and individual provinces to maximize health care and their costs on a daily basis. And we will continue to do it well into 2016. For more information on salary options in Canada, contact Warren Bonnell , lead recruiter for Canada at or call directly at 709.728.0049