St. John’s, Newfoundland Physician returns to rural Practice at Central Health – physician recruitment firms work!

Have you ever wondered about a  physician recruitment firm and their abilities to recruit physicians from the bigger urban centres like St. John’s to the smaller communities of Newfoundland? Well, wonder no more. Warren Bonnell, lead recruiter for the medical community in St. john’s, Newfoundland,  was able to develop  a lucrative package such that Jackie Elliott, a physician who practiced in a bordering  community to St. John’s – Paradise, Newfoundland to Port Blanford, a small community in the heart of Terra Nova National Park located in Central Health. After spending more then ten years in the St. John’s area, this physician saw the benefits of a rural practice. With the proper incentives Warren worked with the local health authority, Central Health, to develop a package such that this urban physician would return to a much needed rural practice. Dr. Elliott has been at the Port Blanford Medical Clinic for almost one year and there’s no looking back. ” I wouldn’t change my lifestyle and income for the bigger centre of St. John’s for all the Tetley tea out there” and in Newfoundland, that’s a big deal. For more information on recruitment in your local rural community and how to develop packages enough to attract physicians who enjoy the slower pace of life, contact Warren Bonnnell @ or call 709.728.0049.