Nova Scotia, including Cape Breton in desperate need of Physicians – demands need for Private Physician Recruitment firms.

The province of Nova Scotia Canada are in desperate need of physicians, both specialists and family physicians.  The  Chronicle Herald, touted as Nova Scotia’s leading newspaper both online and in print most recently tells the story of a woman, who underwent an MRI scan, had to wait over one month for results. ” This would have not happened if she had a family Physician”, says a high ranking employee with the Nova Scotia Health Authority. In fact, over 5%, translating into almost 5000 people in Cape Breton face the same challenge – no first line health care. And even more alarming is the fact that more than 10% of all Nova Scotians, that’s close to 100,000 people don’t have a family physician. And that’s even with the approach of the province to step in with innovative approaches to integrated health care systems to improve efficiency. Unfortunately, it has had less than successful results.

Unfortunately , a lot of issues could be improved by using the resources of   private phyisician recruitment firms like Canada’s leading health authority resource for physicians including both specialists and family practitioners, NL Medical, i.e. and it’s little sister  By employing the resources of a firm like this the wait times and obstacles for having a family physician for every resident of Nova Scotia would be more likely to come to fruition. It’s time the Nova Scotia health authority tap into Canada’s leading firm, NL Medical Inc. for physicians seeking jobs and locums in Canada.

For more information for employing the services of Canada’s leading physician recruitment firm, please contact Warren Bonnell, lead recruiter for Canada and Nova Scotia at or call directly for a discussion at 709.728.0049