Physiciatrist Bills more than 1 million in PEI – is that fair?

All has broken loose with the most recent news relased in Prince Edward Island that a physician has generated more than 1 million income and the political powers are asking if this is fair and how could this happen. Their reasoning  and arguement is that this income is only a fraction of what most Phychiatrists make in Canada, and also the fact that the health care system is under such a pressure cooker for funding.

Well is Canada, and in almost all jurisdictions within each health authority, a physician , including a family physician or specialists can choose if they prefer to go with a fee for service option or a salary option. Often times, you’ll see new physicians to Canada, largely International medical doctors, chooses the salary option for the first few years until they better understand the  system.  Then they opt for a fee for service option, with the idea that the more patients that are seen , the more one is compensated. It’s called capitalism at it’s best and for years it’s been working efficiently to treat the demands of patients to see a physician..

So, we must ask if a physician, namely a phychiatrist in Canada,  is able to bill over 1 million in salary through a fee for service system. And the answer is an unswerving yes, because he’s done nothing eligle or ontoward. If we didn’t have a fee for service system, it would lead to hugh and problematic challenges  with dealing with patient care in Canada. The ever increasinng demand for patient care and the corresponding need for more physicians is ever increasing. We at and are doing everything possible for this to happen.