Leaders of Canada’s Health Care System see the neccessity for a trans-Canadian commission to examine Physician Work Force and it’s Future Demands.

Health Care leaders in Canada see a present and ever increasing problem of the  Canadian System in addressing present and future needs of the physician supply and demand. At present there is an incongruity with patients and community needs and what sort of work force medical schools are producing in Canada. Recently, more than 130 representatives attended the  National Physician Employment Summit. Time was spent developing an action plan and strategy to better assist with Physician employment as it relates to the health force and correlating sociitial  trends

The Royal College played a pivital role and layed out what is a ” Boom and Bust Trend” to physician recruitment and having these vacancies filled – to better serve those patients with specific needs. What is going on with the supply of physicians and the systems inadequacy to serve the public interest is a reflection of a larger issue, the overall health care system in Canada.  Time was also spent on how best to move forward and that was determined by the creation of a commission to furthur examine the physician supply chain and how to make it better serve the public interest.  With the assistance of the leading recuitment firm in Canada, PhysicianJobsCanada.com , this goal will be accomplished.