What are the salaries of Canadian physicians?

The Canadian Institution for Health Information (CIHI) has just released a recent report showing that the average salary for a Canadian Physician to be on average approximately $305,000 annually. Note however this was recently released date that was taken for 2013/2014, so one can expect a slight increase for 2015/2016. The next report is scheduled out in 2017.

So what other pearls of truth and fact do we know? Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia lead have the highest salaries in Canada, with Prince Edward Island next, then Quebec, followed closely on the heels by Newfoundland, Nova Scotia. The study also showed the national average number of physicians per 100,000 residents was 224.

Clinical payments nationally reached more than $24 billion, which was about a 5% increase over the last study in 2011/2012. From this consults accounted for 72% of these costs, with the average consult costing the province just short of $60. The Canadian average gross clinical payments ( not taking into account overhead costs like salaries, rent, equipment and supplies) was $336,000. The gap between what a family physician makes annually compared to what a specialist makes continues to grow, with specialists seeing healthy increases while family practitioners are having marginal growth in comparison.

The average salaries for provincially for physicians (both various specialists and family physicians) are as follows:
1. Newfoundland – $275, 397
2. Nova Scotia – $263,294
3. NEW Brunswick – $277,403
4. Prince Edward Island – $349,262
5. Quebec – $305, 232
6. Ontario – $267,984
7. Manitoba – $330, 765
8. Saskatchewan – $356,776
9. Alberta – $354,456
10. British Columbia – $275, 458

So, we can see the provincial differences. That said, there is a great need for physicians in Canada, both Canadian trained and those considered International Medical Physicians seeking to work in Canada. For more information on salaries or to discuss jobs for full time and locum opportunities in Canada, please contact Warren Bonnell at admin@physicianjobscanada.com or direct at 709.728.0049