The process for International Medical Graduates to gain a license in Canada.

Most physicians who are wishing to obtain a license in Canada and ultimately work here is need to be aware of  several essential steps. The most important step in coming to Canada is to determine if your medical degree and training( residency) is from a medical school recognized by Canada’s licensure institutions. Essentially, your residency has to be in one of seven coutries. There are a few exceptions with a two  provinces (Newfoundland, New Brunswick) but the vast percentage of physicains will come from one of the seven Commonwealth countries. The next step would be to take a self adminstered online exam provided by the Medical Council of Canada. The next step would be to submit your pre-assessment forms to the desired Provincial College. Keep in mind every province is unique in it’s requests for information as well as setting policy for gaining licensure. That is why a physicain recruitment firm located in Canad like is so essential  The best contact to make with respect to understanding wchich province one is best to gain licensure is to contact Warren Bonnell. Working along side four other adminsitrator, he is the lead administrator and recruiter for Canada. His mobile is 709.728.0049 or email is