Saskatchewan has the hardest working family physicians in Canada.

A recent study in the C.D. Howe Institute has shown that Family Physicians who work the hardest live in Saskatchewan. The study shows that compensation for physicians and the amount they are paid per patient determine the amount of patients they see in a day. Atlantic Canada, made up of the provinces of Newfoundland , Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick are the second most hardest working physicians in Canada.

Long wait times and not having a family physician are some of the results for not having  motivational pay systems that encourage physicians to see patients. This is proven because in the afor mentioned provinces, the public medical system has shorter wait times and less than 5% of the population have their own family physician compared to as high as 15% for Quebec patients who have no family physician.

The most important point to get from this data is provincial medical associations in all provinces need to ensure their doctors are encouraged through compensation to see as many patients as possible in the run of a day. For more information or enquiries about this study contact Warren Bonnell, lead adminstrator and recruiter for physicians seeking locums or full time opportunities in Canada. 709.728.0049 or