How healthy is Healthcare in Canada

Recently, the Canadian Institute for Health Information   posted an article outlining the state of healthcare and the profile of physicians across the country. The breakdown of information is as follows: We have a stronger physician presence than we’ve ever had. There are  more female doctors than ever before, Canadian medical schools provide us with more doctors than ever before and overall, there are more Canadian physicians staying and working in Canada than ever before. That said, it doesn’t come without a hugh bill to the tune of over 22 billion dollars annually. Because of that, more Canadians have access to healthcare than ever before. The only province not to show an increase in physicians in 2013 is Manitoba. Newfoundland, the Maritimes including prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan were amongst the highest for percentage increase in physicians although the need is still large in these provinces with ongoing job opportunities . The average physician receives more than $325,000 annually. Obviously, this is a mean and would increase substantially for specialists and those family physicians who work fee for service. Newfoundland and Alberta have the youngest physicians in the country while PEI and Ontario. Overall, the state of healthcare is ok. It will require increased attention and focus as the population continues to age.