Demands on Physicians is so high that nurses and now physician assistants are required in Manitoba.

Manitoba is in demand for more medical doctors, especially family practitioners. In fact pressure is so intense that the government of Manitoba are hiring more than 50 P.A’s and nurses to hep lighten the load. This is a good example of the need to hire more physicians in Canada. Most Canadians have access to a family doctor but often times they have to wait a week or more to get an appointment. By the time a patient sees a physician the reason for going to see the physician could potentially become more serious. Governments across the country of Canada could learn from this. The solution is relatively simple. Increase the health care budgets and allow easier access for international medical grads to come to Canada. All you have to do is profile provincial websites and physician recruiting firms to find plenty of vacancies. If Canadians are going to get the healthcare that they deserve, they  will need to increase spending on healthcare and increase the amount of International Medical graduates who want to come to Canada but because of lack of funding, they are unable to he hired. This seems to be the only solution for lessening the load of family doctors in Canada.