Dr. Guy Laroye. Pathology Locum Physician.

Dear. Mr. Bonnell,

Just in my first week into my new locum job, I look back with amazement on the unusually long process of getting a medical licence in another province, for me a totally new experience, considering a similar process a decade’s past was such a simple experience taking only a few hours, or at most a day. This process was for me further complicated by having been several decades ago a foreign medical graduate from Belgium emigrating to Canada.

Despite having provided proof of this foreign medical graduation to Canadian authorities many decades earlier, and of having successfully passed the medical exam of LMCC and fellowship certification since, and also having provided a record of continued medical practice in Canada, I was amazed it took me close to six weeks to satisfactorily reassemble old evidence of past graduations currently collecting dust in my attic, and having to recertify it all anew, further supported by the stamp of a Notary Public, and all of this to satisfy the new, rather Byzantine requirements that is now imposed by every provincial medical college in Canada.

However, I do not disparage such a process, but do deeply respect it, as it prevents the occasional cases where the system of medical certification was previously abused.

You were fantastic Warren Bonnell, coming in as a truly providential middle person helping me navigate this administrative maze!

I strongly recommend any other Canadian Physician to take advantage of your skill and efficiency in Physician Recruitment.My very sincere thanks for your dogged day by day perseverance in seeing this trough, step by step.

With deep appreciation,

Guy J. Laroye, MD, FRCP(C).