Ontario Report on Removing Barriers for International Medical Doctors

Access to medical care remains one of the most pressing health related public concerns. For example, our recent election platform was directed at tackling this critical issue include: delivering needed and essential access to a family doctor to almost 600,000 more Ontarians, creating almost 100 more medical school spaces and credentialing of more internationally trained doctors (IMG’s) . There is no more important component in the delivery of health services in Canada than its human resource potential. Guaranteeing that we use the health and human resource available to our province of Ontario in the most efficient way possible is vital to our potential to deliver on said commitments. While public safety coupled with high patient standards must always remain paramount, it is  in the public interest to provide greater access to healthcare as well as to guarantee that human potential is not lost as a result of not maximizing
international medical skills.  In Canada, all health authorities are experiencing healthcare provider shortages; as a result Ontario is facing heavy competition when it comes to the recruiting physicians. An aging population, shifting demographics within healthcare and Ontario’s willingness to provide superior yet accessible and patient-centered healthcare demands that we fast track and improve the integration of international medical doctors in Ontario Canada as part of our comprehensive health human resource strategy. To that end this report was created.