Physician Recruitment in Nova Scotia

Balance is something that’s looked for, but not always achieved.
It could be time to change that.
Time to change your pace and experience a new way of life that moves just a little slower. Time to change your heart and focus on the things that mean the most to you. Time to change the scenery to a picturesque one. Most imortantly, time to change your mind. You need to open it up to new ideas.
In Nova Scotia for example, physicians are only two hours to Toronto and New York and 20 minutes to the ocean. They’re part of a tightly knit medical community thriving on balance, commitment, and collaboration. They enjoy access to the latest in diagnostic equipment, organizational technology, and internationally renowned research. They then reap the benefits of safe, welcoming communities, the best  educational system this country of Canada can provide, and a rich cultural heritage.
If all this – in a place that’s a leader in physician compensation – sounds like a change you’re looking for, we know you’ll find it here in Nova Scotia. The highest rated lifestyle in all the country.

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