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Physician Jobs Canada is a leader in the physician recruiting organization of choice for medical job searchers throughout Canada. We offer worldwide access to thousands of experienced medical experts who are searching for job in Canada. Our skilled health specialists carefully asses a candidate’s ability to fulfill your organization’s unique clinical requirements.

We also work directly with each candidate to ensure their immigration papers and their work credentials are up to date an assist them to gain the necessary documents for a smooth access into the Canadian medical workforce. Our company is Canada’s only full assistance medical professional recruiting company. Our solutions include: interviewing, credential verification, accreditation, agreement assessment, immigration, employment planning, tax consulting and housing assistance.

International Businesses

If you wish to hire north American trained physician to work in your country, Physician Jobs Canada can connect you with well-trained, experienced doctors.

Regardless of where your medical facility is in the world, the USA, Middle Eastern side, or Europe, Physician Jobs Canada can help. Physician Jobs Canada has a more than fifteen years of experience in the medical recruitment industry.

We are attracting the top physicians from around the globe with the highest credentials and standards.

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